myVEGAS 21 Blackjack Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

myvegas 21 blackjack guide

After releasing their hugely successful myVEGAS Facebook game, and myVEGAS Mobile App game, Playstudios has once again come out with another highly addictive, entertaining, and rewarding game, myVEGAS 21 Blackjack mobile app.

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The myVEGAS Blackjack mobile app is a standalone app separate from the myVEGAS Facebook and app game. Like the myVEGAS mobile app game, your Loyalty points are synced with the rest of the other games, where as your Chip count will be separate. Make sure to sync the game to your Facebook account before you start playing, or you’ll end up wasting a lot of time.

To download the app, visit the Google Play Store, Apple Appstore or Amazon Appstore, and search “myVEGAS 21” or download it here!

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Like the name suggests, myVEGAS 21 is a blackjack only app. However, there are a number of different games available.

Single Deck Blackjack – This is your standard blackjack game with a single deck.  These virtual cards are shuffled after every hand.

Progressive Jackpot Blackjack – This is a six deck blackjack game with an added side bet that requires players to draw aces to win.  The more aces drawn, the higher the payout.  There is also a progressive available that is won when four aces of the same color are drawn in one hand.  This means a variety of hearts and diamonds, or a variety of spades and clovers.  Like the single deck blackjack, the virtual cards are shuffled after every hand.

FreeBet Blackjack – This is a relatively new game slowly being introduced in casinos worldwide.  The difference between FreeBet versus your traditional blackjack is that whenever you double down or split, instead of having to “buy” the extra bet, you get it for free.  You may split anything from A to 9, and you may double down on any hard 9, 10s, and 11s.  Where the additional house advantage is to compensate for these “free bets” is that if the dealer hits a 22, all hands are pushed.  Same as the previous two games, the cards are shuffled after every hand.

Earning Chips & Loyalty Points

Playing the game – You have a progress bar on the left side of the game.  As you make bets and play the game, your progress bar goes up.  Once it fills up completely, a batch of LPs are added to your total.  The higher the bet, the faster the progress bar fills up.

Leveling up – While you play, you also accumulate experience points.  The higher the bets, the more experience is earned.  Once you accumulate enough points, you level up and gain both Chips and Loyalty points.

myStrip Challenges – There are a series of challenges available that lets you earn additional Chips and Loyalty Points.  For example, one challenge might be to earn a specific number of experience points, where as another challenge would require you to earn a number of loyalty points.  Once each of these challenges are complete, you get rewarded with Chips and Loyalty Points.  myStrip is  unlocked at level 10.

Daily Spin – There’s a daily spin wheel that can be spun once every 22 hours.  You are able to get either Chips or loyalty points and there are extra multipliers for spinning the wheel on consecutive days, and also for specific levels.

Collections – There are in game collectibles that can be gathered.  Gathering the same collectibles multiple times allow for bonus Loyalty Points.

Bold Play Meter – There’s a meter on the left hand side of the app which reward “Bold Plays” such as doubling down on a 15, or splitting 10s.  Once your meter fills up, you get rewarded with Chips.

Buying Chips – If you run out of Chips, you can also purchase Chips with money.  Simply tap on your Chip Balance and select the Chip package you want.

Optimal Strategy

Single Deck Blackjack

This is the easiest and best game to learn. Simply follow the chart below.  To use the basic strategy, look up your hand along the left vertical edge and the dealer’s up card along the top. In both cases an A stands for ace. From top to bottom are the hard totals, soft totals, and splittable hands.  The house edge of this game is roughly 0.0375%.

Progressive Blackjack Strategy

Because there are 6 decks in this game, the strategy is slightly different. It’s very similar but if unsure, just refer to the chart below.  Also, if you want to play optimally, don’t play the progressive option.

FreeBet Blackjack Strategy

As you can see, FreeBet Blackjack, although very fun and entertaining, is significantly more complicated. Different strategies are utilized depending on the hand being a “Real Money Hand”, or a “Free Hand”. The house edge of this game is 1.02%.

*note: All strategies sourced from, please visit their website if you need information on any other casino games.


If the sole purpose of playing this game is to earn Loyalty Points, stick with single deck blackjack. It gives you the best odds by far, and it’s the easiest to learn and play.  Also, never deliberately try to fill the Bold Play Meter, the reward is not worth what you risk.  Lastly, if you’re unsure how to play, just follow the charts above.  If you need to, you can even print it out and have it in front of you if you decide to play in an actual Casino.

Advanced Strategy

A few of the myStrip challenges require Loyalty Points to be earned. Instead of playing the entire time on this challenge, switch to a different challenge.  Once your LP meter is almost filled up, switch back to this challenge to get credit for it.  Switch back and forth as needed.

Additional Tips

For all the Android users out there, due to an agreement with the Google Play store, Loyalty Points are not earned when you level up on the myVEGAS 21 Blackjack Android App. However, there is a roblox hack that is a way around this.  Instead of downloading the app from the Play Store, download the app on the Amazon App Store.  Follow these steps to ensure that you receive Loyalty Points when you level up.

  1. Go to your Google Play store, search for and download the “Amazon Appstore” app. Don’t accidentally download the Amazon retail app.
  2. Open up your Amazon Appstore and search for “myVEGAS 21”, download, and install
  3. Sync the newly downloaded app and make sure you receive Loyalty Points when you level up

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